Trade Gold with Master Keng

Trade Gold with Master Keng

Trade with TP (Take Profit) and SL (Stop Loss) points, backed by extensive market experience. This trading system has a win rate of over 60% – 70%, consistently outperforming the market. You can see the results in the image below.

The image below, from historical trading results on Myfxbook, shows that even though there are continuous losses within the red box, continuing to trade can still lead to profitability. Please do not fear occasional losses or stop-loss (SL) triggers, as SL is a crucial tool to prevent substantial capital loss. Trading without SL carries significant risks in the forex market.

Even though the master trader’s trading account may be a standard account, which uses the dollar as the trading currency, followers can still use cent accounts to follow with a minimum balance of just $100. Orders are executed at the same price, and profits are closed at the same point as the master trader’s account.

You can copy trades from the following brokers:

1. You can register with the Forex4you broker by clicking here. Once you have completed your registration, click this link to follow the trader.

And here are the trading results for the cent account at Forex4you currently. You can start following with a minimum investment of just $100, and the profit you make depends on your capital.