Gold System – For GMI – Standard account

Gold System – For GMI – Standard account

This is a gold trading system that also supports trading the US30 index. It consistently generates profits and manages capital effectively, capturing substantial gains. The system boasts a high win rate over losses. Although our gold trading system includes stop-loss (SL) mechanisms, it is not frequently hit by SL.

You can view the real trading results on our myfxbook, which is a master account for our copy trading service.

If you observe the daily test history, you’ll see this account uses GMI broker. If you have not yet signed up with GMI, please click here to register.

This is the current trading result.


The history trading records show frequent trades, with many being wins and few losses. Even when losses occur, profits are quickly recovered due to the system’s high-speed response.

Thanks to its intelligent design, the trading system can adapt its strategies to align with the actual conditions of the market at any given time.

Occasional losses in trading are normal, but with a robust trading system, these losses can be recouped, allowing your investment portfolio to eventually grow. This represents a single instance of a loss, but within just one day, the system can recover the lost capital through a strategy of starting fresh, without resorting to Martingale trading methods.

The minimum capital required to engage in copy trading is $1,000. You can copy trade from a master account at the GMI broker via the link provided below.

When setting up copy trading, it is not necessary to set a stop-loss, as this can prevent the trading system from operating correctly. Please enter GMP18702 in the IB field. See how to configure the settings in the image below.

For copy trading on GMI, you will be trading gold and the US30 index. The trading results will mirror those provided on the Myfxbook link above.

In addition to GMI, we offer several other brokers where you can follow this trading system. Please see the list below for additional options.

1. GMI (Standard) Hightly Recommend

The minimum capital required to copy trade is $500.

2. Forex4you (Cent) Hightly Recommend

The minimum capital required to copy trade is $100.

3. VTmarket (Cent)

The minimum capital required to copy trade is $100.

4. LiteFinance (Cent)

The minimum capital required to copy trade is $100.

Here is the link to register with the broker for copy trading:

1. GMI

2. Forex4you

3. VTmarket

4. LiteFinance

If you have any questions, feel free to contact our team via LINE at the following link: