Master miw Top1 trader in copytrade4rich

Master miw Top1 trader in copytrade4rich

The trader has been trading in the forex market for a long time for followers in a copy trading system, consistently delivering good results and ongoing profits. Even in some months when faced with unfavorable market conditions that caused other traders to wipe out their accounts, Master Miw was able to navigate various crises, ensuring that while members may have experienced some losses, they eventually recovered their investments and profits. You can see the trading results below from the broker Master Miw trades for the members.

The trader trades the following assets, all with take-profit (TP) and stop-loss (SL) settings. She use advantageous entry points and prioritize risk-to-reward ratio (RR).

Below is her Myfxbook trading account with the broker LiteFinance (2022-2023).


Three options for following and copying trades:

  1. You can register with the LiteFinance broker by clicking here. Once you have completed your registration, click this link to follow the trader. When setting up copy trading, choose the option to use my equity, as shown in the image below