The GOLD Hedging system

The GOLD Hedging system

The GOLD Hedging system is managed by Sira’s team at copytrade4rich. It employs a trading approach that minimizes risk through hedging techniques, resulting in consistent profitability while maintaining a moderate level of risk. This trading system involves simultaneous opening of both buy and sell positions and seeks reversal points on the chart to close all positions with profits.

The trading of this system is conducted using cent accounts. You can view the live trading results of this system from the myfxbook link below.

Following for copy trading requires a minimum capital of just $50. Trading is done with SL based on a percentage of the capital.

You can copy trades from the following brokers:

1. You can register with the GMI broker by clicking here. Once you have completed your registration, click this link to follow the trader. 

Here are the copy trading settings for the GMI broker that you should follow.